Gomocup 2013, the 14th tournament (April the 5th, 2013)

The 14th tournament Gomocup 2013 took place on April the 5th-7th in Nove Straseci at my home and Jirka Fontan helped me very much with gomocup organization and with his computer. There were two dual cores computers and two quadcore coputers this time.

Openings for gomocup 2013 were choosen by Alexander Bogatirev, gomoku player, manager of Team Russia online, member of Gomoku Committee RIF and can be found here. Thanks to Alexander. There were two novice: SlowRenju written by Hao Tianyi and Valkyrie by Kokubun Takashi and there are four upgrades (Goro13, Yixin13, PureGM13, Swine13).

There were technical difficulties like every year. Right from the beginning the server computer fall into the blue screen of death, but after restart, it successfuly continue to the end. We used hamachi virtual network to connect computers in different cities. The gigaserver webhosting was very good and the online transfer was working good this year.

In the end of the tournament Imrich Kovac wrote me, that his AI "Imro" is missing in the tournament. We don't know how it happened, but there was no email in our mailbox and no email in spam folder. After the tournament was finished, I launched 4th freestyle group again. Imro was placed on the 4th place of 4th freestyle group, so the 3th freestyle group remains unchanged.

Another incorrectness involved Trunkat's placement. I didn't notice in time that Trunkat was causing errors on one computer in the network. It was because of some incompatibily DOS and Windows protected mode. Probably Trunkat would place better, but I assume that it wouldn't involve the placements in the front positions of tournament. I am very sorry, but I decided not to restart the tournament.


Tournament Time limit per move [s] Time limit per match [s] Memory limit [MB] Board size More than five in row wins
Freestyle 1.league 300 1000 350 20 yes
Freestyle 2.league 30 180 350 20 yes
Freestyle 3.league 30 180 350 20 yes
Freestyle 4.league 30 180 350 20 yes
Fastgame 5 120 350 20 yes
Standard 300 1000 350 15 no


Unfortunatelly Onix10 was not included in the tournament event if it is exceptional and very good AI, because in Gomocup 2012 was crashing very often and had to be removed.
If the Onix is included, the results of final group would be little random. I hope the Onix would be fixed.

Ranking and groups before the tournament

Tournament system was similiar to the last one. I set up a rank according to last tournament and I divided it into leagues to 6/7/7/11 members. From every league, the first three were moving up.

1st Freestyle league

  1. Yixin12
  2. RenjuSolver(H6)
  3. Hewer12
  4. Tito10
  5. sWINe11
  6. HGarden07

    + 3 of Group 2

    2nd Freestyle league

  7. goro2012
  8. gmotor11
  9. pela
  10. Kanec
  11. Pecuchet
  12. amoeba10
  13. Noesis

    + 3 of Group 3

    3rd Freestyle league

  14. jude
  15. QMENTAT6
  17. PureGM12
  18. nabamoku
  19. fiverow
  20. Puskvorec

    + 3 of Group 4

    4th Freestyle league

  21. pisq7
  23. AI1000
  24. Benjamin
  27. Crusher10
  28. mushroom
  29. Valkyrie
  30. SlowRenju

The advancing AI of 4th freestyle group were SlowRenju, pisq7 and LEONARDO.

Results of Gomocup 4. freestyle gomoku league

Results of Gomocup 3. freestyle gomoku league

Results of Gomocup 2. freestyle gomoku league

Results of Gomocup 1. freestyle gomoku league

Compared to the Gomocup 2012, Pela advanced to the final. Another advanced AI were goro13 and gmotor2011.

Yixin was excelating from the begging to the end of the tournament, Yixin showed his power and finished like a new Gomocup 2013 winner again.
The winner of Gomocup 2013 is Yixin written by Kai Sun from China, congratulation!!!.
On the 2nd place was Tito2010 by Andrej Tokarjev and the 3rd was RenjuSolver written by Xiang Don Wen.

The main sponsor of Gomocup is game called GNO, hexa-dimensional gomoku (five in row).
The game GNO is the price for the winner of Gomocup.

Congratulation to Kai Sun (China), the author of Yixin.

There was launched standard (15x15 and exactly fiwe in row win) gomoku tournament. Because the openings were near the edge, the openings were adjusted to fit 15x15 baord.

There was a new AI SlowRenju supporting standard gomoku. The games were interesting and the openings brings and a lot of varians of games.

The results were different then last year. The winner of standard group was Yixin by Kai Sun, the second was Tito by Andrej Tokarjev and the third was Hewer written by Tomas Kubes.

The AI in the Fast Game were order according to Gomocup 2012 results, so the strongest AI matched in the end.

Fastgame was deatchmatch between Hewer and Yixin. After several hours battle the last match between Hewer nad Yixin decided and Yixin has won the fastgame. It was the third win of Yixin in Gomocup 2013.

Fastgame was won by Yixin written by Kai Sun from Chinath 2nd was Hewer written by Tomas Kubes and the 3rd was HGarden by Han BingQing.

Results of Gomocup standard gomoku league

You can download complete results and openings here