Enroll to Gomocup

If you have written your own go-moku AI and you want to place it in, please sign the copyright statement by filling the submission form ([docx/pdf]*) and submit it together with your AI via the Gomocup user site.

Your engine should be packed into a ZIP file together with other necessary files. You need to make sure that the ZIP file can be directly loaded by a Gomocup manager, such as Piskvork.

We will test your AI and send you a confirmation within a week after the submission deadline.

If you encounter any problems while making the submission, feel free to contact us: [email protected].

If you do not receive the confirmation, please try to write an e-mail to us without attachment.

Good luck!

* The copyright statement in the submission form is adapted from WCCC (World Computer-Chess Championship) / Computer Olympiad rules.