Download Gomocup Manager

You will need a Gomocup manager for playing against Gomocup Artificial Intelligence (AIs). Simply said you will need a special software and AI for playing gomoku against the computer.

Piskvork manager (Recommended)

There are several Gomoku interface, Piskvork is the most powerful and stable, we highly recommended to use it if you want to play against AI or if you want to launch the tournament of Artificial Intelligences.


Piskvork has been written by Petr Lastovicka and you can download it from SourceForge.


There are various options which can be set in Piskvork, from the size of the board, gomoku rules, time for thinking (game level), sounds, skins of the playing board. Artificial Intelligence Pela is included in Piskvork. Piskvork includes comprehensive readme.txt inside, it is recommended to read it.

The very important feature is that you can change the Gomoku engine (AI) for another which are available for download on Gomocup website. You can download different AIs from download page, unpack and select the pbrain-someAI.exe from Piskvork Players->Settings (F4). Here are the steps to select a different AI:

  1. Unzip and run piskvork.exe
  2. Click to the player name you want to change
  3. Select the AI filename (zip or exe) and press OK.

Network features

Piskvork can be also used for playing Gomocup over network and form playing computer tournaments over a network.

Source Code

Piskvork is open source and you can download the source code from GitHub

Other (older) Gomocup managers


Gomotour is a gomocup manager written by Jiri Fontan. It has been used years ago for Gomocup tournament. Still, it has an interesting feature of the ranking table.

Gomocup Gomoku

Gomoku 1.83 (408 x downloaded) (110KB) - This is a similar program designed for dos (old protocol only).

Windows Gomoku

Windows Gomoku (642 x downloaded) (80KB) - This program supports single match human vs. AI, human vs. human and AI vs. AI. Only the text file communication is supported so far.