Gomocup 2012, the 13th tournament (April the 16th, 2012)

The 13th tournament Gomocup 2012 took place on April the 16th-18th in Nove Straseci at my home. There were two dual cores computers available; Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T7500 3GB RAM and Intel centrino Duo T2300e 1GB RAM. These two computes were combined in one tournament, except the fastgame.

There were technical difficulties like every year. Two problems emerged from online transfer. Freehosting company webzdarma.cz set up very strict flood restriction and the online didn't work. That is why, basic groups and standard game were not online. Second day I switched to different payed hosting gigaserver.cz, which worked perfectly, reliable and fast. And that is why this year was possible to transfer fastgame two even with boards.

This year there were no completly new programs, but there were 4 upgrades (Goro12 by Viktor Barykin, Hewer12 by Tomas Kubes, PureGM12 by Paul Dwyer and Yixin12 by Sun Kai). The updated version of trial HFM was not still available.


Tournament Time limit per move [s] Time limit per match [s] Memory limit [MB] Board size More than five in row wins
Freestyle 1.league 300 1000 350 20 yes
Freestyle 2.league 30 180 350 20 yes
Freestyle 3.league 30 180 350 20 yes
Freestyle 4.league 30 180 350 20 yes
Fastgame 5 120 350 20 yes
Standard 300 1000 350 15 no


Ranking and groups before the tournament

Tournament system was similiar to the last one. I set up a rank according to last tournament and I divided it into leagues to 6/7/7/9 members. From every league, the first three were moving up.

1st Freestyle league

  1. Tito10
  2. RenjuSolver(H6)
  3. SWINe11
  4. new Goro12
  5. Onix10
  6. new Hewer12

    + 3 of Group 2

    2nd Freestyle league

  7. new Yixin12
  8. HGarden07
  9. pela
  10. gmotor11
  11. Kanec
  12. amoeba10
  13. Pecuchet

    + 3 of Group 3

    3rd Freestyle league

  14. Noesis
  15. fiverow
  16. QMENTAT6
  17. jude
  18. new PureGM11
  19. trunkat
  20. nabamoku

    + 3 of Group 4

    4th Freestyle league

  22. Puskvorec
  23. Benjamin
  24. pisq7
  26. AI1000
  27. Crusher10
  29. mushroom

The freestyle leagues 4th,3th,2th proceed very smoothly. The winner of 4th freestyle group

Results of Gomocup 4. freestyle gomoku league

Results of Gomocup 3. freestyle gomoku league

Results of Gomocup 2. freestyle gomoku league

Results of Gomocup 1. freestyle gomoku league

Suprisingly some AI behaves differently this year. Onix was crashing randomly very often in spite of being stable in gomocup 2011. After I find it out, I decide and declare, that every AI will be excluded if exceeds 10% of crash rate. When the crashed rate of Onix rise to 35%, I stop the tournament immediatelly and restart it without Onix. In that time, I was noticed by Kai Sun, that RenjuSolver is missing its config. I have fix the name from RenjuSolver.exe to RenjuSolver.zip and restarted the network tournament.

Pela was this year very unlucky AI, because it doesn't advance to th 1st freestyle league, even it has better score than gmotor.

Yixin quickly showed his power and win the tournament. After small gap, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place was very tight by RenjuSolver, Hewer and Tito.

The main sponsor of Gomocup is game called GNO, hexa-dimensional gomoku (five in row).
The game GNO is the price for the winner of Gomocup.

Congratulation to Kai Sun (China), the author of Yixin. This year, we got a price for the winner.

There was launched standard (15x15 and exactly fiwe in row win) gomoku tournament for the third time in gomocup history. There were 2 upgrade (Hewer 2012 and Yixin 2012).

Suprisingly Tito make two errors (pbrain-Tito10.exe returned invalid move [0,0]) and loose important point and became second. I have found that Tito return invlid move if the board is almost full (it is not full, but no five can be created).

The winner of standard game was Hewer written by Tomas Kubes, the second was Tito by Andrej Tokarjev and the third was Yixin by Kai Sun. There were few draws again.

After Gomocup 2012 was launched, I have found, that Renjusolver makes timeouts very often, in spite of it has quite accurate timing in 2011. RenjuSolver has made several timeouts even if timing tolerance was 1 second. Because the timeout rate of RenjuSolver was 17.5%, I decided to exclude it, not to make results random. It was pity, because it was one of the strongest AI with high chance to win.

Fastgame was won by Hewer written by Tomas Kubes, the second was Yixin by Kai Sun and the third was Swine by Jiri Fontan.

You can download complete results and openings here