Gomocup 2011, the 12th tournament (April the 4th-7th, 2011)

The 12th tournament Gomocup 2011 took place at April the 4th-7th in Nove Straseci at my home. There were two dual cores computers available; overclocked Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T7500 3GB RAM and Intel centrino Duo T2300e 1GB RAM. This year these two computes were not combined in one tournament. Instead freestyle gomoku (11st-4th league and fastgame) was launched on faster computer and standard gomoku was launched on slower computer.

There were technical difficulties again. Two problems emerged from online transfer. There was IO race condition between piskvork and upload utility. A messagebox in piskvork emerged and some AI payed for it. The tournament had to be restarted without online board. I solved it until final using mutex. The second problem was in upload utility, the response to upload wasn't correctly closed and server became overloaded soon. Unfortunatelly it was almost the end of the tournament when I find out that switching on the Fiddler can solve the problem. The third the most serious problem (see blog Ai Exp) was independently reported by Andrej Tokarjev and Sun Kai, checking it I have found that piskvork really doesn't send rule command in the standard gomoku tournament and that the last year's standard gomoku tournament was invalid. Actually it wasn't really standard gomoku. Furtunatelly I have fixed it before standard gomoku tournament.

There were almost no errors in artificial inteligences this year, one time Gmotor crashed so much, that tournament framework get stuck for hours. There isn't this bug in the log. For the second time the crashed (maybe Leonardo) was serious crash of some system socket library, everything stop working and the PC need to be restarted and windows has recovered from serious error. There was no error in final.

This year there were completly new programs: Mushroom by Chen Kai and YiXin by Sun Kai. There were new version of swine by Jiri Fontan, Goro oby Viktor Barykin, and Gmotor by Roman Vancura, H6 by Wen XiangDong (it used to be Bestmove) and PureGm by Paul Dwyer who was finishing his program just before deadline in spite of earthquake and radiation in Japan. On the other hand Csaba Jehler haven't send new version of Hfm and the old one stoped working in May. At the request of author, H6 is not published.

Tournament system was similiar to the last one. I set up a rank according to last tournament and I divided it into leagues to 6/6/7/10+2 members. From every league, the first three were moving up, except the second one, because there were 4 new AI. Time limit for standard gomoku was increased.


Tournament Time limit per move [s] Time limit per match [s] Memory limit [MB] Board size More than five in row wins
Freestyle 1.league 300 1000 350 20 yes
Freestyle 2.league 30 180 350 20 yes
Freestyle 3.league 30 180 350 20 yes
Freestyle 4.league 30 180 350 20 yes
Fastgame 5 120 350 20 yes
Standard 300 1000 350 15 no

Results of Gomocup 4. freestyle gomoku league

Results of Gomocup 3. freestyle gomoku league

Results of Gomocup 2. freestyle gomoku league

Results of Gomocup 1. freestyle gomoku league

Whereas the novice Mushroom stayed in the 4th gomoku freestyle league, Yixin was going up league by league to the 7th place in the 1st league. New PureGm moved from 4th league to 3rd league (with Yixin and old Puskvorec).

Yixin, Noesis and Fiverow (with few errors) went up to the second league. The second league was quite interesting, because there were 4 new programs in. That is why there were 4 programs going up. The qualification was won by new H6, new SwinÄ›, new Yixin a new gmotor. Compared with the last year, Kanec wasn't qualified. So only new AI went up to make the final tight.

I managed to fix piskvork and online board before final and the final was transfered (the beginning of the online board was error prone and poor).

Tito managed to take over the first place very quickly and resist till the end. Swina and H6 were struggling for the second place long time. In the end, the second was H6 and swine was the third. Goro, the winner of the Gomocup 2010 end up on nice 4th place.

Congratulation to Andrej Tokarjev (Hungary), the author of Tito.

There was launched standard (15x15 and exactly fiwe in row win) gomoku tournament for the third time in gomocup history. There was new AI Tito 2010 supporting standard gomoku.
It wa a paradox, that for the first time, it was a real standard gomoku. The previous standard gomoku tournament could be declare as invalid, because it wasn't standard gomoku.

The winner was Tito by Andrej Tokarjev, the second was Hewer and the third was Gmotor, which started to support this mod. There were few draws again.

There were even more attendatns in fastgame this year. And it took even longer time. There must be some change in this field next year.

Fastgame was won by Swine, Tito was the second and the third was H6. It is interesting that Goro draw with Leonardo.

You can download complete results and openings here