Gomocup 2016 Announcement

Published by Tianyi Hao at Jan 30, 2016

Hello all Gomocup fans!

April 2016 is coming and we would like to inform you about some details. Gomocup 2016 will take place on April 22nd to April 24th 2016. The deadline is on the 15th of April 2016 at 23:59pm UTC.

We strongly recommend to read compatibility details for Gomocup 2016 which have been clarified.

In Gomocup 2016, in addition to freestyle gomoku and standard gomoku, we will introduce renju tournament this year. The tournament manager Piskvork supports the renju rule since version 8.8. The tournament manager will send command "INFO rule 4" to inform the rule is renju. The size of board for renju tournament will be 15. The rule used in the renju tournament will be based on the international rules of renju with the following modifications:
* Similar to the freestyle and standard tournaments, the openings for the renju tournament will be prepared by renju experts, and are not limited to the 26 patterns;
* Players (i.e. the AIs) are not allowed to pass;
* Any game in renju tournament will be automatic draw after 200 moves.

Here we provide 50 balanced renju openings (15x15) to help debug your AIs.

To facilitate participation, one author is allowed to submit different AIs for different rules, although one author is not allowed to submit more than one AI for one rule.

In accordance with the last Gomocup, memory limit is determined to 350MB, time per move/per match will be 5s/120s for fast game, 300s/1000s for final leagues, and 30s/180s for the rest.