Gomocup 2010, the 11th tournament (April the 24th, 2010)

The 11th tournament Gomocup 2010 took place at April the 24th-25th in Nove Straseci at my home. There were two dual cores computers available; overclocked Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T7500 3GB RAM and Intel centrino Duo T2300e 1GB RAM.

This year a lot of new AIs was developed.
The new AI versions of Gomocup 2010 were Hector (HFM), Hewer, Swine, Goro, Tito, Onix and Amoeba.
And there was quite new novice Nils Beckmann from Germany with AI Crusher.

The tournament system was the same as in the year 2009.
This year was decreased limit to memory to 350MB and time limit for game in final was decreased a little bit.
There was no innovation this year no in piskvork, nor in gomocup online.
Online playing board was not published in basic groups, because hosting server wz.cz was overloaded and responded in long time (and only sometime).


Tournament Time limit per move [s] Time limit per match [s] Memory limit [MB] Board size More than five in row wins
Freestyle 1.league 300 1000 350 20 yes
Freestyle 2.league 30 180 350 20 yes
Freestyle 3.league 30 180 350 20 yes
Freestyle 4.league 30 180 350 20 yes
Fastgame 5 120 350 20 yes
Standard 30 180 350 15 no

Results of Gomocup 4. freestyle gomoku league

Results of Gomocup 3. freestyle gomoku league

Results of Gomocup 2. freestyle gomoku league

Results of Gomocup 1. freestyle gomoku league

There were 3AIs forwarded into 1st freestyle gomoku league: Swine, Kanec and HFM.
From the technical point of view, there were no fundamental technical complication, but there was another serious problem this year.

Unfortunatelly - due to a communication problem - Onix still does not play in his best form
and lost important games because has not returned coordinates.
The tournament was not as tight as was the previous year, it became soon likely that Goro would keep the 1st place till the end.

The winner of the final is Goro, Tito was the second and Onix was the third.

There was launched standard gomoku tournament for the second time in gomocup history. There was new AI Tito 2010 supporting standard gomoku.

The winner of this category was (in spite of bugy false positives) Hewer, the second was Tito, Pela was the third.
There were a lot of draws and repeated games in standard gomoku with this openings.
As the board size is smaller, the game is more balanced.

There was a lot of attendatns in fastgame this year. And it took a long time. There must be some change in this field next year.

Fastgame was won by Goro, Hewer was the second and the third was Tito.

You can download complete results and openings here.