Gomocup 2015 announcement

Published by Tomas Kubes at Feb 22, 2015

Hello all Gomocup fans!

April 2015 is coming and I would like to inform you about some details. Gomocup 2015 will take place on May the 1st to 3rd 2015. The deadline is on the 28th of April 2015 at 22pm UTC. I have to changed the original deadline because of my business trip.

After some question, I had to clarify the compatibly issues (because of x86 and x64 and MS DOS end of support in Win8 and Windows XP end of support), you don't need to make any changes to current AI, but I recommend to read Compatibility chapter in Detail page again.

Memory limit is determined to 350MB, time per move/per match will be 5s/120s for fast game and 30s/180s for freestyle game and 300s/1000s for the final.

Gomocup 2014

Published by Tomas Kubes at Apr 4, 2014

Gomocup 2014 online has been finished.

The winner of Gomocup 2014 is Yixin 2014 written by Kai Sun from China. Congratulation. The second Was RenjuSolver (H6) and Hewer 2014 was the third.

You can download the results and new gomoku engines.

You can still access the online preview of the games in Gomocup online.

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