About Gomocup

Gomocup is the tournament of artificial intelligences playing gomoku. The aim of competitors is to program a computer artificial intelligence (AI) playing the gomoku game (also called Five in a Row, Connect 5 or Gobang) as good as possible. These go-moku AI’s compete in a tournament every year in the Czech republic. People from any country may participate!

The tournament is being played since 2000 and takes place every year. There are results here. Here you could found the Elo ratings of all the AI’s which have participated in Gomocup. If you want to come to know a little more, visit information pages. If you want to download the newest version of program Gomotur made for playing gomoku and testing AIs, done AIs or other freeware, click onto download. If you are interested in any old version of go-moku AI, send us an email and if we have it, we would send it to you. And here are some links. If you want to join the tournament and compete with your own AI, please enroll.


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